Cog (shell) H48W42D42cms
 Embrace (LG) H36W55D62cms
 Cog (Naples) H34W50D50cms
 Cog (TBL)H40W45D45cms
 Embrace (Apricot) H38W40D32cms
 Embrace (blue) H41W60D41cms
 Embrace (D. Grey)H40W52D50cms
 Embrace (red)Front H34W60D42cms
 Tide (LT)H27W27D27cms  “Tide” An extraordinarily complex sculpture to make, but highly successful in fusing spontaneity and calculation. The light refracts across the acrylic finish, giving enhanced dimensionality to the shapes. Walking around this piece gives the eye an amazing rhythm to follow: the interior and exterior space engages from every angle. In these fractured times, Volk’s “tide” reminds us that we are all “tied”. An artist who has been restlessly inventive over decades, Volk’s work really is demanding of greater recognition and a wider audience.  ASHLEY THORPE
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